0 Gauge Model Railway Two Aspect Distant Signal (Y/G)


This two Aspect 0 Gauge Model Railway Distant Signal has both a yellow and a green light. Distant signals show a yellow light when on and a green light when off.



This Two Aspect 0 Gauge Model Railway Distant Signal has a Red and Green light on a single head and will provide an added depth of realism to your model railway layout. The height of this signal is approximately 98 mm .

Two Aspect 0 Gauge Model Railway Distant Signal

The Two Aspect 0 Gauge Model Railway Distant Signal , like all our other 0 gauge signals, is made with a brass tube and brass etch ladder and a white metal cast base.

Once assembled they are sprayed with 2 light coats of grey primer.

The light head is cast in white metal and sprayed black and fitted with bright long lasting and low power consuming LEDs.

All our products are made using enamel coated wire and fitted with appropriate end terminals. This should allow for a solder free and easy installation.

Two Aspect Distant Signal

A distant signal is the first signal a driver sees when approaching a signal box, and when off it indicates that ALL stop signals controlled from the box ahead are off. If on, a driver must expect to stop at the first stop signal. By definition, therefore, a distant signal has to be located a full braking distance from that stop signal, taking into account gradients and maximum permitted speeds.

Everything in one box

  • 2 aspect colour light
  • Diode and resistor PCB
  • Sticky pad fixing for mounting the PCB under the base board
  • Instruction Wiring guide.

All our product come with a 2 year guarantee.

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us and will do our best to help.