Hand built, simple to set up and easy to operate. Model railway Turntables, Lights and Signals made in the UK.

As part of Hurfar Engineering Ltd, Model Rail UK benefits from a wealth of knowledge and manufacturing skills that all add up to a quality product, which is handmade and finished in the UK. We offer a range of LED street and station lighting, signals and turntables for model railways, with more products in the process of being developed.

Model Rail UK

Model Rail UK is a company set up to make quality LED street, station and colour light signals for model rail enthusiasts at a competitive price.

From our factory based in Bournemouth, we are always developing new products to add to our range, including motorized turntables and accessories for lights.

How we get there

Our model railway products are hand built and designed in Britain, based on period photographs. All our products come with a two year guarantee plus a returns policy that is user friendly.

We aim to use local engineering companies when required and our materials are sourced within the UK wherever possible.

Where to buy

We sell predominantly online, selected shops and shows. We go to several model railway exhibitions throughout the year which will be posted on our blog. You can always come and visit us, just call before to make sure we are around.

We love the environment

We care as much about the environment as we do for all other aspects of our business. To that end we offer a disposal service for any non-working and redundant items to meet the WEEE regulations in place at this time. Please note electrical items should not be placed into your domestic waste bin.

– The Boss
– 50 years of electro-mechanical engineering experience
– Purchasing
– And a bloody good man friday
– Student of Robotics

To complete our staffing we have two young ladies and Pete the Prairie which undertake most of our assembly procedures. (They did not want their photos included)
Pete seems to be on the slow side.

Build quality was good and represent good value for money.Hornby Magazine