Three Aspect 00 Gauge Model Railway Signal 3 pack and board

Model Rail UK Colour Light Signals feature in Hornby Magazine

Model Rail UK Colour Light Signals feature in Hornby Magazine Feb 2016 issue.

Article as follows:

Model Rail Uk’s ’00’ gauge ready to use signals include 11 standard items covering two, three and four aspect signals as well as dual head junction signals.

A useful set of three colour light signal packs is also available which includes a PCB which allows you to set up a form of working block signalling, all from one box, with each signal’s light illuminating in sequence to represent the passing of a train.

Each signal features a metal post, base, ladder and safety ring in grey topped off with a plastic head signal head.

Colour LEDs are fitted and each comes with its own PCB for connection to a power source. A detailing pack containing a cast metal telephone box and diamond for fixing to the signal post is also included. Fitted with fine colour coded wire, our samples had slightly larger wires at each end to aid connection to the PCB.

As supplied, the signal is suitable for use on 12c DC and must be connected through the supplied PCB for analogue use. For DCC use we added a Train-Tech two aspect DCC signal controller to the PCB and the signal was up and running in a matter on minutes.

Colour density from each aspect was good with no colour bleed.

We also tested the three aspect block signaling pack which features three fully finished signals, a PCB containing the light controller and terminal wires for power and a switch connection, a push- button  switch and self adhesive pads with all three signals scrolling through the colour sequence at each click of the switch, as anticipated.

The only downside is that the signals require manual intervention to operate the sequence.

Build quality was good and represent good value for money.


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